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Aaargh!!! Love Sucks! Well lack of it anyway!

I went to the club tonight against my better judgement! I wish now, that I stayed home. It was drag night so I was talking with some of my queens, when one lady introduced me to her friend. We were talking and stuff and this really cute guy was like hitting on me and stuff. As sleezy as it was, it made me feel good and he was a cutie...nice bod! Anyway, the kid I was talking to left so I was chillin with this guy who tried to pick me up. Well, we talked and he was there with like 6 of his friends, who were all hot might I add....anyway his friend Jason comes up to me and is like...dude...his boyfriend is standing right over thereand is not pleased that your flirting with his man. So, I was this High I ignored the guy who was hitting on me...then he came over and said to me..My boyfriend and I want to have a 3 some with you. I WAS LIKE YOU PEOPLE ARE FUCKED!!!!
So, I declined, but I did want to suck him off...badly...but I was a good boy, cuz Im the virgin Mary! He and his boyfriend left and I was talking to the other guys. They are all couples and have been together for years, not to mention how fuckin yummy and adorable they were. POINT you ask? Well, I'm pissed!!! I was like, I want a relationship so bad!!! Of course, there reaction was....Your only 22...go out and enjoy life, have sex...EWWWW!!! NO!I can't have meaningless sex....I just can't! I mean, the occasional b/j is OK, but NO! My question is this! Why can't I, a mature 22 year old find love? I fall way too fast and hard all the time...why for once...can't it be returned! And then you've got this couple who has been in a relationship for awhile and they want to have a 3-some? Where is the morals and values? I mean to each their own, and if 3-somes are your thing, no offense, but it's not for me....OK, well Im blabbing now cuz it's 2:30 AM and I am exhausted, o ignore me please, most of you do anyway!! Other than that I will write more tomorrow when I am less tired and drunk G'nite!
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