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I had one of the worst anxiety attacks that I have ever had today. There is just so much shit going on in my life right now and it finally all caught up with me. I am still having it, just thinking about it. I start to get sick to my stomach and then my eyes start to bother me, and then I get a really bad headache and the shakes. I puked for like 10 minutes straight and I am still sitting here right now dry heaving, but there is nothing left. I dont know why I let this shit bother me so much. Bills and my sucky ass jobI just cant take it anymore. My imagination gets the best of me all the time and I always feel like something is wrong with me, no matter what. I always think the worst. I am in the process of looking for a new job. Its so funny, I can ride on the back of an ambulance all day long and have no problems, but the minute I step foot into this office, I cant take my life. Part of me wishes that I could just go to sleep for a long time. This is the worst. I am going home now, pray that I make it home safe.Bye for now.
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