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My Challenge!

You know, its so funny. As I look back on this wonderful road called life that I have travelled in the past 22 years, there is so much that I dont remember. Sure, I remember some good times and some not so good times, but thats about all. My friend Juliettes house burned down on Monday, and she lost everything. Thank God that her 2 boys were safe and that they got everyone else out of the building, but they lost everything. I cant even imagineI mean, yea, there were times when I was pissed that I didnt have the cool clothes to wear or when Mom made us eat leftovers, but I NEVER EVER had to worry about where my next meal was going to come from, or if I was going to have clothes to wear. I was so lucky to have parents that did all of the worrying for me. I dont know what I would do in Juliettes situation. She is a single mother of two boys who now has NO clothes and no food and is staying at her moms house. God Bless Her. We had a collection going for her here yesterday and we collected about $720.00 and that was great. We were able to get some new clothes for the kids and some clothes for her. I guess she was really touched. My heart has been aching for her the past few days so bad that I get sick to my stomach at times. She has like 3 best friends here at work that have done so much for her, its amazing to me. I hope that if something like that ever happens to me thatt here will be people around for me like they were there for her. She will be staying at there house and everything. That just showed me that we should all take a step back and evaluate our liveslook for who and what is important. That is my challenge to you. Dont let the meaningless shit get you downits so not worth it. I do it all the time. I sit and whine and moan and complain, that all of my money goes to my bills, and that I sit around and do nothing on Friday nights, and I dont have a boyfriend, and I drive a random car, and Im not 100% happy in my job, and I dont always have the nicest clothes but you know what?? That is SO MEANINGLESS!!! When I get to heaven I dont think that God is going to say to me that since I drove a KIA I cant get to heaven! Take the dayrelax and enjoy life!
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