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Well Hello! Welcome to my world! Its been a long weekend. I had to work Saturday from 5AM until 9:30 PM and then again Sunday from 9AM until 5:30 PM. This could work out to be the career of choice for me, but then again maybe not.
So, listen to this. Almost a year and a half ago, I was an acting RA on my dorm floor at school. Well, it is against school rules to drink, smoke and do drugs. It was a Christian school that I liked very much so dont knock it. Anyway, you had to sign a contract saying that you wouldnt do these things, but if you did and were caught you would face expulsion. Well anyway, one night this kid was stumbling down the hall and was stoned as all get out. I asked him about it and then told the RA when he got back about it. The short story, the kid turned himself in and turned in all 6 of his friends. They all got kicked out of school. Ever since that I have been harassed. They broke into my car, they broke into my dorm room, Ive been in fights Ive had literature sent around school about me. Its crazy. Well, Im not out to my school friends, which is my choice. This girl IMs me last night and tells me that she is finally going to get me, that she has evidence that I am gay and supposedly they are pictures. So, I wonder what they are, but supposedly she is going to pass them around school. Part of me is like, go ahead and another part of me is likearghthis girl is going to make me look badreal bad. I hate it when people talk about me! So, I guess Im really glad that I came out to my family before all of this happens, if it happens. I also filed another police report against her and all kinds of stuff. Alright well, its too early to be at work, but Im herewith bells on. I have another 2 days left of training.I just want to go to bed. Have a great day!!
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Dude, I thought you were done with school. Tell her if she wants proof she can smell my shit on your dick. Ha!
Talk to you later
You are soooo funny! And such a piggy, but I love it! Too bad you wouldn't have a chance with me heh! ;) Have a great day!
Hey, sounds like you are working too much. As for the situation in the dorm...I also went to a christian college, no doing anything but breathing. The school cannot do anything to you if pictures do get around. They cannot prove those pictures were taken recently. As for the girl bitch, the only thing I would tell her is that both of your parents are lawyers and she will be hearing from you soon if she doesn't drop it! As for sweating it, don't. Even if something would happen and you were out of there, look at it this way. Fate, there is something better out there somewhere. Most situations work themselves out as long as you don't waste too much energy on them. You'll be just fine.
I finally have a couple of pictures of my site, check it out. Be good cause I won't. Ciao.
Hey..I don't even go there anymore, and she isn't even worth the breath it would take to talk to her. No big deal, Im all set with people who are out to hurt other people. It's so lame-o! Yummy pics??
Good for you sweetie. Enjoy each day to the fullest!