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Things could always be worse.....

I guess I am doing better today. I am still a little frustrated today and wishing I had a man, but that's OK, things could be worse. I could have no job, no place to live, no family, nothing. It's sad cuz working in Boston on the ambulance I deal with a lot of smelly, alcoholic homeless people and it kinda reminds me that I should be proud of who I am. Sometimes I think that I am so lucky and other times I feel so sorry for myself. DUH. Everyone responds with like, aww come on....if I wanted a pity party I would ask for one, people...these are my real feelings and I am just voicing them. I wish the answer to my problems was as simple as going to a club and getting wasted...unfortunately it isn't. OK, well I have about 45 minutes left of work and then I have to go home and do some laundry and stuff, I have to work a double on the truck tomorrow from 5 AM until 9 PM....ARGH! and then I am supposedly going to meet up with Jeffrey and TOny but I doubt that it will happen. OK well enjoy your Friday night...I'll probably post more later.

Peace and Love,

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