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OH FUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello. I am very mopey right now and I hate my life and I'll tell you why. Number one...this fuckin journal thing pisses me off cuz NO ONE replies to my journal and that makes me mad. ANyway, #2...I am so sick to death of being gay. Girls hit on me all the time and I so wish that their tits and twats did something for me, cuz my life would be so much easier. I keep falling in love with people that either A. Have a man and are very happy and I have NO chance (Brian) B. Are gay they just don't know it yet (The other Brian) Or C. have been hurt in a relationship either just recently or not and they don't want a commitment or D. This is the best one..they just flat out arent interested in me. I am SO FUCKING SICK OF IT...I am not the kind of guy that goes and sleeps around, contrary to popular belief, Tony. i just want to be in love and for one time be loved back. Apparently this is too much to ask for. The boy in my training class that I thought was gay, guess what? He's not, he's got a girlfriend and is very str8, but he is the nicest guy and of course I fell in like with him too. Another one I can't have. I am busting my ass working and not getting ahead, I come home from work and check my voice's a hard realization when you come to the conclusion that you have NO friends because you aren't interested in the things that they do. I am 22, I should be out having fun and drinking and maybe doing drugs instead of busting my ass and working my ass off so that I don't have to be a burden on my mother. I also should be out trying all different kinds of guys to see what I like...NO! I want to date, not fuck around. Argh...I can't believe that I am a 22 year old male sitting in my apt on a Thirsty Thursday night writing my life on the fucking internet for everyone and there brother to read crying hysterically....LIFE SUCKS and frankly, I don't want to live it anymore. Now don't worry, Im not going to commit suicide, I can't I have too many bills and they would still come after me even if Im dead. I guess my one wish in this world would be that people, the people that I call my friends cared as much about me as I do about them. When they talk to me about their problems, I take them home with me at night, their problems that is. When Italk to them about mine, they always have something better to do. Fuck it...Im going to bed. Goodnight......
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